A 'Healthy" Approach to Life

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As far as I could I remember, becoming a doctor has always been my life’s ambition. Recently, one of the lecturers has somewhat called into question as to ‘why’ I wish to become one. As I delve deeper into the depths of my mind to search for an answer, I have come to realize that I have placed this career at the end of a very extensive ever-branching road. When I look behind me at the road traveled, the beginning is as unfathomable as the end.

When I started writing this, I was searching for the ‘one’ reason why I decided to pursue a career in medicine. Therefore, it is heart wrenching for me to realize that the ‘one’ reason is merely an illusion. As I grow older, the reasons change, becomes fluid till I have no idea whether the journey shapes the goal, or the goal shapes the journey.

I started this journey ever so young, with the unwavering belief that becoming a doctor is the only way to serve the population. Unfortunately, the downfall of youth is that you have never encountered and totally oblivious to the concept of power, status, respect, hardship and such like.

It is undeniable to say that the financial aspect has not been an influence. They say that ‘money does not buy happiness’, what a load of bullshit. Tell that to the poor. Status and respect? We all hunt for it consciously or unconsciously; to gain those two is to secure a place in society. I am not ashamed to admit this, but in the darkest of time when hope is scarce, the benefits of this career shines like a beacon that lights the path ahead.

I don’t know whether my reasons would change yet again, but the main reason I am pursuing a career in medicine at this time is to give purpose to my life- something that we all seek, but very few of us find.

At the end of it all, the journey is insignificant compared to the goal. Regardless of the reasons, it all boils down to this; if your loved one is in the operational room, do you care why the surgeon becomes a surgeon? What matters are his capabilities.

New Disease Discovered

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 According to WHO (What Health Organization?) and BMJ (Bollocks Medical Journal), there is an increasing rampant activity of a not yet classified disease. However, the general population should not be concerned as the disease seems to be isolated in IMU (International Money Undertaking University.) It is an extremely communicable disease and once infected- the individual remains infective for life. What is peculiar however, is that the clinical symptoms only manifest itself when the infected individual is placed under decision making situations. For the rest of the time, it is dormant. Very little is known about this disease, but what has been gathered so far from MIN (Medical Institute of Nonsense) are:

       Disease                  :      Debbites Merrytus

        Agent                    :      Chai Qijun, Debbi

        Transmission       :      Not yet identified, but the disease is able to spread via                                                SMS and e-mail

         Reservoir             :       Catticus Meowus (family pet of the agent)

        Signs/symptoms  : 1. Acute hearing, visual and vocal failure leading to                                                difficulty  in communication. To the laymen’s eye- this                                                is commonly perceived wrongly as the ‘I don’t want to                                                hear it, see it or talk about it’ syndrome.

                                          2. There is strong CNS involvement leading to all                                                nouns and verbs (when able to talk) to be replaced                                                 with ‘ I don’t mind’

                                          3. About 1% of the infected individual manifest                                                 with urine retention  failure leading to chronic
                                                visitation to the toilet
                                          4. Involuntary contraction of the upper limbs
                                               muscles- leading to irregular upwards movement
                                               of the shoulders (very much similar to
                                               the universal ‘ I don’t know’ sign)

Treatment Currently being developed by MIN. Recent studies on ASK-ME-NOT vaccination is promising and distribution is being discussed by the MOH (unfortunately, MOH Head of Research acquired Debbites and is currently indecisive in releasing the vaccination.)

MIN is currently surveying the disease; any new information regarding the disease should be posted at their website.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Thursday the 2nd was a bad day. I could say it was riddled with bad luck, but I dont believe in luck. SO, let's just say that the probability of something like that happening is slim.

It all began when I lost my car keys. Dont ask me the where's and the how's. I obviously had it when I locked the door, but 7 hours later, it went kapoofff. I spent a grief stricken 30 minutes 'bouncing' about in IMU asking the various department and people whether they have seen it- but to no avail. In the end, I just gave up and decided to go home to take the spare key.

To add insult to injury, we received our exam results that day. The 'A' proved to be elusive....

To add 3M HCL to an area of fatty necrosis (specific isnt it?), I was really excited about that day. Becurz

was out. Deb and I already made plans to watch it that day AND i was suppose to drive.

When I say I lost my car keys, that includes the apartment keys and the house key. Therefore, I had to wait my mom to reach home first. Since she was working late that day, I decided to go ahead and watch the movie in Times Square as originally planned. Stopped by Low Yat to check on the availibility of iRiver Clix, but cant find a single store that sells it. I have actually never been to Low Yat, and having been there- dont think I'll ever go there again. The items that they sell have a somewhat questionable origin. Looks like i'll buy the iPod nano after all. Also made a minor detour to get some DVD's. Oh, since my sneakers were in the car, I had to walk around in my leather shoes. I dont have to tell you how uncomfortable those were. Debbi on the other hand was showing off politely telling me that she got new shoes. Anyway, the Covenant was nice (8/10), definitely worth watching. Wont mind watching it again, but need to watch the Departed oso. Conflict conflict.

Oh oh, Debbi WANTED to belanja me Pizza Hut, but I was kinda broke (therefore would feel guilty if she paid). So in the end, we decided to have dinner at Station Kopitiam. The food was unexpectedly brilliant for the low price. Where were we? Oh, after the movie, took the Monorail to Kl sentral and consequently the LRT to Ampang Park - where I meet my mom at 10pm. When we got home, I decided to take my father's car to IMU in the morning. Since I lost all the apartment keys as well, I needed to make copies from the keys Yx have. Arranged for him to pass the keys to Megala because he was leaving for MV after lectures the next morning. Reached IMU at about 12:45pm the following day, and guess what? I left my phone at home. ARGHHHHH!!!! Was feeling so ridiculously stupid at that time.

Luckily Probability would say that I have a high chance of meeting someone from M1/06, found James in the canteen and borrowed his phone to call Megala. Took the keys off her and went to pay the parking ticket for my dad's car (I already paid for my car the previous day). However, the parking ticket which I paid the previous day has expired and needed to be exchanged. Went to the guard house to change it. When I inserted my parking ticket into the machine to get out, it said 'card expired'. You can already guess what happened right? I gave the wrong ticket to the guard to be exchanged. What I have on me is yesterday's parking ticket. HUHUHUHUHUHUH!!!! Parked the car yet again and yes, I climbed 3 floors up to deal with that little problem.

By the time I left the parking lot, I was already worried about Yx. What happens if he comes back a early? He wont have his keys and no way of contacting me. So rushed home to deposit some stuff, and went to Friday prayer. Stopped by C4 to make duplicates. Decided to pass Yx's key to Megala, and asked her to call Yx updating him off the situation. But I couldnt not locate her. By chance (probability), I meet Leang. Unfortunately (probability again), he doesnt have Megala's number. ARGHHHH!!!! So decided to call Deb to ask her Megala's number. She didnt pick up!! ARFGHHHHH!!! Fine!! Used Leang's phone to call Kajen and asked him if he knows Megala's address. He doesnt know&*%^$$%#$%#%^&*^. Then guess what he said? He said "... hang on, i'll ask megala. She's with me..." HAHHAHAHAA!!!!! Kajen said meet them at MPH6. Went to the third floor, but there is no such thing as MPH6. *&*%^&^%$^$$. Was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when I met charlotte. She told me MPH6 is actually on the 4th floor. So went upstairs, and guess what? YX was with her. :-p HAHAHHAHA

Gave him the keys and cabut home because I needed to return my father's car before he gets back from India this Saturday. Haiz, so much problem from that lost bunch of keys. I hope whoever found it has the decency to pass it to the lost and found. But this being Malaysia, the PROBABILITY of that occuring is pretty slim, bordering on nil.
So that's it.... hope I didnt bore you...