Blog, updated.

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Sigh. When I released the blog a couple of days ago, it seems like only mac users can see the website. 

Fixed that...hopefully.

Also fixed the slow loading pages...


Not just need to upload recent photos in my comp...

Datttt''ssss Datt'ssss All Folksssss...

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Haiz. Travelling back and forth between my old home and new one just for internet. Anyway, I'm off for the weekend thanks to Fleur's BBQ. In the meantime, I'll still be working on the project. Guess it's finally time to let you in for a sneak preview.

I'm working on the links page at the moment. So I'll add your blog links eventually. d;-p

There's still loads more to do; but in the meantime...

Hope you enjoy this.

Pardon the crawling speed... Have no idea on how to improve it. All the images are already abysmally tiny.

Taa now


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Finally the exam is over. ONE MORE MONTH people; till I'm back to the motherland. So, moved into a new place and it's going to take approximately 3 weeks or so to get internet. By then, I would have revealed my big project. Haha. Seems like I'm hyping it up now.

Just going to list out what came out for the exam for future references. Besides, it might help other students later.

So for OSCE Jun 09 for Third Years,

16 Stations of 8 minutes.

History taking:

Heart Failure

Physical Examination:

Peripheral Arterial Disease
Aortic Regurg
Cervical Lymph Nodes Examination


Basic Life Support
IV infusion


Gall Stones (stupid simulated patient laughed at my drawing. Hmpf!!)
Hypertension + Starting ACE inhibitor therapy

6 Hours Prior

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Stop all clocks, stop all the leaky taps. Stop the rush of wind and all the laughter. 

Stop the boiler and all the drunks from making noise. Stop the creasing sound of the sheets. Stop my pounding heart and even stop my mind from thinking.

Stop it all.

My exam is tomorrow. Why can't the earth stop on it's axis? Why can't the universe grind to a faltering stop? 


Stop for a few hours. Let me rest for the assault to come.

The Tsunami is there on the horizon, none but I run for cover. I pray for it to be over. Let the  icy wave cool my tempest heart.